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Livpure Pep Pro Grand RO+UV+Mineraliser+Copper, 15 LPH Water Purifier | Suitable for Borewell, Tanker, Municipal Water – 7 L Storage Tank, Black

Original price was: ₹16,990.00.Current price is: ₹13,499.00.

Livpure Allura Premium Water Purifier with 10 Stage purification with no service cost for 30 months

Original price was: ₹23,490.00.Current price is: ₹15,499.00.
Livpure Allura Water Purifier with no service cost for 2.5 months

Livpure under sink RO Neon RO UF 6 Stage

Original price was: ₹16,390.00.Current price is: ₹12,499.00.

Key Features

  • 2 Free Maintenance
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Stylish Faucet
  • 6 Stage Advanced Purification
  • 8 litres Storage capacity
  • Silver Nano Technology which prevents bacterial growth
  • Audio alert on UV lamp failure
  • Under the counter application
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Livpure under sink RO Neon RO UF 6 Stage

Having a clean, reliable, and sanitary regular water supply could be a primary demand for any house. Water is a living necessity, and therefore the absence of a modify water supply will cause a spread of waterborne diseases and microbic infestation. The Livpure coordinated universal time chemical element Ro Water apparatus ensures you and your family avail of sterilized and uncontaminated water in the slightest degree times. This water apparatus mechanically identifies the water supply and as per the necessity, adopts the best purification technology. It uses a sophisticated automotive vehicle Mineral Modulator to boost the style of the water. This apparatus comes with a storage capability of eight litres.

The Livpure UTC neon RO Water setup uses the revolutionary Livpure noble gas technology that purifies water doubly with ultraviolet rays. In addition, it employs a seven stage filtration method to determine the purity of your potable.

6 Stage Filtration method

  1. Pre-Sediment Filter – The aim of this filter is to eliminate fine and coarse particulate impurities from the water.
  2. Pre-activated Carbon absorbent material – This absorbent material serves the aim of eliminating cancer impurities, like herbicides, pesticides, weedicides, pesticides, residual Cl, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.
  3. Sediment Filter – Water is competent sediment filter at high speed. During this stage, removal of smaller and coarser particles takes place.
  4. Ultra Filtration Membrane – This UF membrane effectively removes microorganism, giardia, cysts, etc. from the water. It conjointly improves the clarity of water by removing fine suspended impurities.
  5. Silver inseminated Post Carbon Cartridge – The aim of a post carbon filter is to reinforce the style and quality of sublimate water by eliminating small level dissolved organic impurities.
  6. Membrane Filter


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