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Hindware zinnia 75 CM

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hindware Florence 60 cm chimney Max. Suction 1550 m³/hr* Airflow

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Hindware zinnia 90 CM

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Key Features

  • Visit our exclusive Hindware Gallery located near Mewla underpass, sector 46, Faridabad.
  • Warranty 2 year comprehensive 10 Years on Motor
  • Contact us for a site visit at a discounted rate of 200* (adjustable if bought from us during installation).
  • Max. Suction 1350 m3/hr*
  • MaxX Silence Chimney
  • Delay Timer for Auto-Shut off
  • Thermal Auto Clean
  • Metallic Oil collector
  • Metallic Blower
  • Filterless Technology
  • Touch Control with motion sensor
  • Energy efficient LED lamps
  • Turbo Mode Option
  • Lifetime Warranty#
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Key Features of Hindware Zinnia 75cm Chimney:

  1. Max. Suction 1350 m3/hr*: The Hindware Zinnia 75cm chimney is equipped with a powerful motor that provides a maximum suction capacity of 1350 cubic meters per hour. This high suction power efficiently removes smoke, odors, and oil particles from your kitchen, keeping it fresh and clean.
  2. MaxX Silence Chimney: The MaxX Silence technology in the Hindware Zinnia 90cm chimney ensures a quiet operation while maintaining optimal performance. It minimizes noise levels, allowing you to cook in a peaceful environment.
  3. Delay Timer for Auto-Shut off: With the delay timer feature, you can set a specific time duration for the chimney to operate and automatically shut off. This helps in eliminating residual odors and smoke after cooking, even if you are not present in the kitchen.
  4. Thermal Auto Clean: The chimney is equipped with a thermal auto clean function, which effectively removes oil and grease deposits from the interior walls of the chimney. This feature ensures hassle-free maintenance and enhances the overall lifespan of the appliance.
  5. Metallic Oil Collector: The Hindware Zinnia 90cm chimney features a metallic oil collector that efficiently traps the oil and grease particles from the cooking fumes. It can be easily removed and cleaned, preventing the accumulation of dirt and ensuring smooth functioning.
  6. Metallic Blower: The metallic blower in this chimney ensures robust performance and durability. It effectively expels the cooking fumes and maintains a clean and healthy kitchen environment.
  7. Filterless Technology: The Zinnia 90cm chimney incorporates filterless technology, eliminating the need for traditional mesh or baffle filters. This advanced technology provides enhanced suction efficiency and ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience.
  8. Touch Control with Motion Sensor: The chimney is equipped with touch controls and a motion sensor, allowing you to operate it effortlessly. The motion sensor enables convenient control by simply waving your hand in front of it, providing a seamless user experience.
  9. Energy-Efficient LED Lamps: The Hindware Zinnia 90 chimney features energy-efficient LED lamps that provide bright illumination to your cooking area. These LED lamps consume less power compared to traditional lighting options, saving energy and reducing electricity bills.
  10. Turbo Mode Option: The turbo mode option provides a boost in suction power, allowing for quick removal of heavy smoke or intense cooking fumes. This feature ensures efficient performance when needed the most.
  11. Lifetime Warranty#: The Hindware Zinnia 90cm chimney comes with a lifetime warranty#, assuring you of the product’s quality and reliability. It gives you peace of mind and long-term protection for your investment.

#Lifetime warranty is subject to the terms and conditions specified by the manufacturer.

Description: The Hindware Zinnia 90cm chimney is a powerful and technologically advanced kitchen appliance designed to provide efficient ventilation and maintain a clean cooking environment. With a maximum suction capacity of 1350 m3/hr*, it effectively eliminates smoke, odors, and oil particles, leaving your kitchen fresh and odor-free.

Equipped with MaxX Silence technology, this chimney ensures a quiet operation, allowing you to cook in a peaceful atmosphere. The delay timer feature enables automatic shut-off after a pre-set time duration, eliminating residual odors and smoke even when you’re not in the kitchen.

The thermal auto clean function simplifies maintenance by removing oil and grease deposits from the chimney’s interior walls. The metallic oil collector efficiently traps oil and grease particles, ensuring hassle-free cleaning. The filterless technology eliminates the need for traditional filters, providing enhanced suction efficiency and easy cleaning.

Controlling the Zinnia 90cm chimney is effortless with touch controls and a motion sensor. The motion sensor allows you to operate the chimney by simply.


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