Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/02

Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/02 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

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Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/02

  • Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V
  • No of Jars: 3; Jar Size: Wet Jar (1.5 Litres), Multipurpose Jar (1 Litre), Chutney Jar (0.3 Litres); Jar Material: Stainless Steel; Body Material: ABS; Blade Material: Stainless Steel; Speed Control: 3 Speed Control + Pulse
  • Motor Warranty: 5 Years; Product Warranty: 2 Years; Customer Care Number: 1800-102-2929
  • Burning smell during first few usage is normal due to varnish coating on motor and will stop after few usage cycles. Your mixer grinder’s powerful motor may make some noise. If the noise level/smell seem abnormal, please contact Customer Care.
  • This product does not require installation. Please allow the motor to cool for some time between product uses.
  • New and powerful 750 W Turbo Motor, with advanced air ventilation & sturdy coupler, allows 25 minutes* continuous grinding even for tough ingredients like black gram dal.
  • Along with specialised blades for toughest ingredients, masalas, chutneys, shakes and purees, this appliance comes with leakproof, food-grade stainless steel jars with a semi-transparent lid that allows you to see the ingredients for perfect consistency
  • Includes: Mixer grinder, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar

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Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/02

From the manufacturer

Philips Mixer Grinder HL7756/0272e601b6 7c36 4848 9d17 8f7bb1587887. SR150,300c8803f8f 6210 4e48 8863 f62cb390cb63. SR150,300942c048d aeb7 411e a0d1 5b22e1145ecc. SR150,30011de298a cc47 421e 9cd7 7fafa9d84f93. SR150,300
Model NumberHL7756HL7720HL7699HL7701HL1645/00
Main Jar capacity1.5 Ltrs / lid1.5 Ltrs / transparent dome1.5 Ltrs / transparent dome1.5 Ltrs / transparent dome1.5 Ltrs / transparent dome
Middle JarYesYesYesYesYes
Middle Jar Capacity1 Ltrs/ flat lid1 Ltrs/ flat lid1 Ltrs/ flat lid1 Ltrs/ flat lid1.25 Ltrs/ flat lid
Small JarYesYesYesYesYes
Small Jar Capacity0.3 Ltrs/ flat lid0.3 Ltrs/ flat lid0.5 Ltrs/ flat lid0.5 Ltrs/ flat lid0.3 Ltrs/ flat lid
Blender Jar + FilterNilNilNilYesYes
Blender +Filter CapacityNilNilNil1.5 ltrs1.5 ltrs
Key Features25 mins continouse grinding * claim with 2 mins on and 2 mins cleaning time, advanced air ventilation for motor cooling, clean body with less grooves for easy cleaning, specially designed couples which is made to last.Turbovent technology, Click lock for easy jar locking, double clamped handle for easy grip, open coupler for easy cleaning and maintenance.Fastest and finest grinding, double clamped handles for easy grip, handle in chutney jar.Fastest and finest grinding, double clamped handles for easy grip, handle in chutney jar with pulp extractor.Ergnomically designed handle for maximum grip, blender jar with fruit filter for extraction of coconut milk and tamarind pulp.

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