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Hindware Lexia Plus 90 cm Heat Auto Clean, Filterless Technology Chimney with Motion Sensor Technology

Original price was: ₹44,990.00.Current price is: ₹23,999.00.

Hindware Alicia hms 60 cm

Original price was: ₹32,990.00.Current price is: ₹18,590.00.
Hindware alicia hms

Hindware Optimus Black 90 CM 1400 m3/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Original price was: ₹43,990.00.Current price is: ₹24,899.00.

Key Features

  • Visit our exclusive Hindware Gallery located near Mewla underpass, sector 46, Faridabad.
  • Contact us for a site visit at a discounted rate of 200* (adjustable if bought from us during installation).
  • Powerful suction capacity of 1400 m3/hr for efficient smoke and odor elimination.
  • Filterless auto-clean technology for easy maintenance without traditional filters.
  • Motion sensor control for touch-free operation.
  • Touch control panel for easy and intuitive operation.
  • MaxX Silence technology for reduced noise levels.
  • Sleek black design for a stylish look in your kitchen.
  • Efficient LED lighting for clear visibility while cooking.
  • Easy wall-mounted installation.
  • Low maintenance with no regular filter cleaning or replacement required.
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The Hindware Optimus Black 90 CM 1400 m3/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney is a kitchen appliance designed to remove smoke, odors, and grease particles generated during cooking. Here are some features of this particular model:

  1. Size: The chimney has a width of 90 cm, making it suitable for larger cooking areas.
  2. Suction Capacity: It has a suction capacity of 1400 m3/hr (cubic meters per hour), which indicates its ability to effectively eliminate smoke and fumes from the kitchen.
  3. Filterless Auto-Clean Technology: This chimney uses a filterless auto-clean system, which means it doesn’t require traditional filters. Instead, it employs an auto-clean mechanism to separate oil and grease particles from the air, keeping the chimney clean and maintaining its efficiency.
  4. Motion Sensors: The chimney is equipped with motion sensors that enable touch-free operation. You can control various functions by waving your hand or using gestures, providing convenience and ease of use.
  5. Touch Control: The touch control feature allows you to operate the chimney easily by using touch buttons on the control panel.
  6. MaxX Silence Technology: This technology reduces the noise level of the chimney by approximately 32% compared to conventional models. It ensures a quieter cooking environment in your kitchen.
  7. Design: The chimney is designed in black color, giving it a sleek and modern appearance that can complement various kitchen decor styles.

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